Drone Wedding Photography Hampshire


Do I need aerial photography?!

Of all the costs involved in a wedding, creating lasting memory should be a top priority. Aerial pictures are timeless. 

We will work alongside your traditional photographer to provide footage  impossible at ground level. Imagine the overhead views of local scenery, sunsets above the trees, rooftops looking down onto the guests picking up every detail of the wedding panorama. 

The images from this perspective have a more detached and timeless feel which will compliment your traditional photography perfectly.


How will it work?

Planning is very important, you can decide for as un intrusive as possible, or allow the photographs to be taken slightly closer and at key moments. We will plan every part of your day with the photographer and carefully stage photographs at set times during the day as well as taking more candid photography of the guests and the area.

See about us for more details about your photographer, Green Eye's safety first policy our experience and insurance.


Over and above

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June 2016:

Inclusive of:
4 hours on site

40+ Images fully edited
Planning and preparation
VAT and travel


6 hours on site

50+ Images fully edited

5 minutes of fully edited video footage

Planning and preparation 

VAT and travel