Drone inspection Hampshire



Using available technology effectively has always been critical to keeping ahead of the competition in the construction industry. In managing a construction project with complex contractor workflows, materials, and deliveries aerial imaging has an increasingly important role to play from planning through to sales and stakeholder communication.

Green Eye Flyovers offer access to cutting edge software and well as photography and video services. With our online platform you can allocate and manage jobs, check job progress visuals, generate 3D models and much more. With our training background we can offer full support to your business implementing the aerial data we collect. 

Intelligent site management from drone data


Track and Report


Drone imagery provides real time tracking of deliveries, materials and job progress. Individual areas can be identified and allocated to team members (see image) who will receive live updates via mobile phone. This real time information can be accessed online by managers at all levels. As well as logistical reporting overall site security is significantly heightened.


Critical Workflows


Setting deadlines for completion is essential, as seen left, different layers can be viewed side by side to show job progress over time. This raises accountability across the team, providing a fast and efficient overview of the entire site (including any hard to access areas).


Communicate the Project


From day one drone imagery can be used in the construction process to visualise plans (enabling faster decision making) and to communicate with engineers and architects via the web interface. Importantly the marketing department can also utilise still and video imagery to speed up the sales process.