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Why use aerial images?


Today, farmers utilising drone technology have the edge in a number of areas. From the point of detecting a range of problems, drone flyovers can be utilised to provide accurate overhead imagery not before possible at an affordable price.

The multi-spectral images provided lead to imagery which help the farmer treat areas of concern in an efficient way saving resources and enabling the farmer to act and respond quickly to problems the human eye cannot detect.


Image collection is just the first step in the process from Green Eye flyovers, we will ensure that you are fully confident in using the simple web based technology platform we provide. Here you can manage workflows, allocate areas and tasks to individuals and manage all of this ‘in the field’ via a simple mobile app.

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Increasing yields and taking action


Vigor analysis


Accurately quantify vegetation and plant vigor. NDVI compares the reflectance values of the red and near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to bring you a clear view of plant health. Crop health and stress will show on a clearly colour coded map, images gathered over time can be compared to show treatment effectivity and analyse successful methodologies.


Take Action


Our image analysis services provides you with control and task management like no other. Receive full training in how to split up aerial maps into meaningful sections which can then be carefully and distinctly managed. Aerial imagery will make the task crystal clear to those working in the area, and could also be used for training and review purposes after the event.


In the field


This revolutionary approach to image analysis management makes critical issues easy to share, navigate to, and communicate with your advisors. As well as desktop access for analysing reports in the comfort of your office your reports and job allocations can also be accessed and updated ‘in the field’ by staff using the mobile app facility.

Farm Solutions Full Information Sheet

 Download this .pdf which demonstrates the highly sophisticated interface (PC and phone) provided by our US agriculture expert partner Dronifi. This fact sheet gives visual examples of the reporting interface you will have access to as a Green Eye customer (note: thermal and NDVI service coming soon).

FarmSolutions Book (pdf)