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Our Services


Golf course inspections

  • Reduce inspection times
  • Reduce fertiliser usage
  • Reduce weed control and chemicals
  • Achieve intelligent water distribution
  • Allocate jobs effectively
  • Map and compare your course over time
  • Boost marketing and sales

Real Estate

  • Create listings which jump off the page
  • Include the local area and its features
  • Speed up sales times by 68%!
  • Realise higher sales value
  • Increase serious interest viewings
  • Display entire property
  • Engage customers with 3d interactivity


  • Detect plant health problems
  • Analyse stress, dryness and disease 
  • Create actionable reports
  • Accurately forecast yields
  • Soil and leaf analysis
  • Map, segment and plan
  • Access 'in the field'!

Advertising and Promotion

Our team has many years’ experience creating professional materials with the latest software, we can include post production service or provide photography and video to your creative department. 

  • Showcase outdoor attractions
  • Show detailed site features and facilities
  • Demonstrate size and scope of your plant
  • High visual impact with stunning angles


Use of a drone for construction works can bring benefits to practical consideration as well as creating impressive client progress reports.

  • Allocate roles and responsibilities
  • Quantify square meterage for materials
  • Identify problems and maintain progress
  • Compare and report to management and clients


Green Eye Flyovers will consider any suggestion involving aerial film and photography. We offer extremely competitive pricing as well as quick response times in the Hampshire area. 

  • Solar panel inspection
  • Architects CGI images
  • 3d modelling of structures and rooftops
  • Document site works progress
  • Festival management
  • · Yacht and high value item photography

About Us

Our Equipment

The phantom 4 pro + has an extremely high resolution camera capability for video and still photography.

  • 20- megapixel sensor
  • 4K/60fps video 
  • Burst Mode stills at 14 fps
  • Auto detect and avoid

Who are we?

Green Eye Flyovers are a based in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire. We are a full time operation offering a wide range of services. 

Working with industry leading software providers we provide cutting edge solutions which we can help you and your staff make an essential part of your core business activity.

Why Us?

We have PfCO (CAA approved) accreditation (coming soon March 2018) which means that your pilot is fully trained in all aspects of planning a professional experience, obtaining permissions and ensuring full safety of the team and any members of the public at all times.


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