Our Services


Golf course inspections

  • Reduce inspection times
  • Reduce fertiliser usage
  • Reduce weed control and chemicals
  • Achieve intelligent water distribution
  • Allocate jobs effectively
  • Map and compare your course over time
  • Boost marketing and sales

Real Estate

  • Create listings which jump off the page
  • Include the local area and its features
  • Speed up sales times by 68%!
  • Realise higher sales value
  • Increase serious interest viewings
  • Display entire property
  • Engage customers with 3d interactivity


  • Detect plant health problems
  • Analyse stress, dryness and disease 
  • Create actionable reports
  • Accurately forecast yields
  • Soil and leaf analysis
  • Map, segment and plan
  • Access 'in the field'!

Advertising and Promotion

  • High impact photography & video
  • Demonstrate size and scope
  • Showcase outdoor attractions
  • Show detailed site features and facilities
  • Stand out on social media
  • Perfect for YouTube and Instagram!


  • Allocate jobs
  • Identify problems and maintain progress
  • Accurate/visual stakeholder reporting
  • Track deliveries and material usage
  • Improve site security
  • Set accurate deadlines and targets
  • Produce marketing materials


  • Solar panel & equipment inspection
  • Rooftop surveys
  • Festival and event photography
  • Sports photography & video
  • Yacht and high value item photography
  • Security and inspection


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